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See the full complaint as delivered to certain legal and law enforcement agencies.

Michigan DNR is having the Allegan Game Reserve Clear Cut - See Environmental

Forest on the left, Clear Cut on the Right

A walk into the cut areas north of 116th Street

Allegan County Audit Video - Explanation of worksheet showing 11 precincts all of which disagree with the tabulated totals made by the machines. You cannot find this video on YouTube by searching for it’s name: Allegan County Election Audit, because it is being censoredby both Google’s YouTube and Facebook.  Please tell your friends. Thank you!

Retired two star General from the US Army asks a very logical question about the attack on the Pentagon - 9/11

Allegan County 2008 General Election Audit

     Jurisdiction                      % Difference from Official Totals       Worksheets

 City of Allegan Precinct #1                    7.67%                                          Excel or Open Office

 City of Douglas                                     8.33%                                          Excel or Open Office  

 City of Fennville                                   54.55%                                         Excel or Open Office

 City of Holland                                     11.11%                                         Excel or Open Office       

 City of Otsego                                       6.98%                                         Excel or Open Office

 City of Saugatuck                                   7.14%                                        Excel or Open Office

 Dorr Township Precinct # 1                   10 00%                                        Excel or Open Office

 Ganges Township                                    3.23%                                        Excel or Open Office

 Gunplain Township                                 10.71%                                        Excel or Open Office

  Lee Township                                         5.57%                                        Excel or Open Office

  Otsego Township                                  20.00%                                        Excel or Open Office

  The following townships have been photographed, but not yet counted:

       Allegan, Casco, Heath, Laketown, Valley, and Watson

   The following cities have been photographed, but not yet counted:

        Plainwell and Wayland

Considering most jurisdictions had the ballots more than a year before my photographing them, they were still unable to make them agree to the official totals. As an experienced accountant, I understood that it would be very difficult to make the School Board races agree because they are very difficult to get straight. The fact that the third party races were only off by minor amounts can be traced to my first examination of Allegan township showing that they were reduced from their actual totals. Where they tried to get these straight, they were off on the two major parties, which is a strong indicator that the machines changed the votes, and the people having custody of the actual ballots tried to make these races agree, but got the two major parties off. Dorr Township did not go over the county commissioners race, and even though the commissioner was not running against any opponent, he still received over 6% more votes than the actual ballots gave him.

If the ballots do not agree to the totals as counted by our new election machines across all eleven of the jurisdictions shown, then the primary culprit is the manufacturer of the election machines, the Diebold Corporation. It needed a willing partner to pull this off, and that was the MBE - Michigan Bureau of Elections under the Secretary of State’s office. Chris Thomas and Brad Whitman held the two top spots at the MBE, and both gentlemen used every method possible to keep us from seeing those ballots. You be the judge and jury, because we certainly do not have a legal system either.                           



This election audit is dedicated to all the brave men and women who fought to protect our democracy. Sgt. Bernard J. Foster, Army Aircorp pictured.

Summary Worksheet

The summary worksheet is color coded for differences from the official totals. Clerks had a year or better to try to make them agree. They failed! Audit shows massive manipulations of elections.

Benton Harbor City Council Votes 5 to 3 to support my audit and “honest, verifiable elections”. The 3 against are connected to the Whirlpool Corporation.

The Federal, state, and local governments fight back with intimidation. My answer: Go to Ganges Township Recall. If we need to recall every jurisdiction in our state and our country to replace them with people who really represent the people, then we will do that. That is my answer!

Please contact us if you wish to run a recall election in your precinct.