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United States Justice System

By Pat Foster

During the French Revolution, the concept of communism first arose as equal treatment under the law by all classes of society. If a nobleman’s son and a serf’s son each injured another person, both should be treated equally under the law for the same crime.

The first and most important reason people first got together to create a government was to establish an equitable system for handling disputes between people. When we are in a court of law, we address the judge as “your honor” denoting a special place in our society that deals with justice. Does our system live up to these high ideals we place on our courts to render justice to its’ citizens?

Any system of justice must always weigh more heavily toward the law, than the ability of one party to use their financial resources to the detriment of their opponent. Judges must be forced to rule based upon the law with few exceptions.  

There is a major conflict of interest within our state laws that largely prevents an ideal system of equitable justice and actually promotes a system of unequal treatment based upon who can pay the most to the judge. This conflict of error can be remedied by the people with full knowledge of the conflicts involved and a way to correct it.

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Bottom Up Government as Opposed to Top Down Government

By Pat Foster

We have a Congress that for years has only had an approval rating in the single digits, and recently I have seen polls showing it as low as 2%. Apparently only their families approve of their performance, while even a large percentage of government workers are against them. Our ballots list candidates we do not know and have no idea of how they stand on the issues. We are told that we can choose either Democrat or Republican, and that should be good enough for us. The issues are not our issues like fracking, the legalization of marijuana, abortion, the environment, and a multitude of other things people feel strongly about. That is top down government. These elections are held by the government that is elected, which is a major conflict of interest.

Bottom up government is when the people run their own elections. Candidates are listed with background information on each one as to their experience for the position, and issues are placed up in a table so that you know exactly where each candidate stands on the issues most important to you. Issues are the ones the people want to vote on, not what the government will allow you to vote on.

You say that this is impossible. It will never happen. What if I told you that what the government is now doing is in violation of the United States Constitution, Article II, Section 1 which completely backs bottom up government as explained above.

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Update on Auditor Intimidation

By Pat Foster, Election Auditor

The final part is the civil suit against the two intimidators that purchased the property across the street from my property, and proceeded to place a fence into a physical road they did not have an easement to use. They then completely filled in a storm drain with dirt restricting the flow of storm water across their property so that it would flood my property. That did not cause enough damage, so they placed a dam where the water comes onto their property both damaging Ms Hudson’s and my properties along with the private road.

The courts ruled against me in two Personal Protection Orders one of these men placed against me, and now a civil suit to get them to stop flooding my property, the court has ruled against me on every motion including a Motion for the Court to Disqualify Itself based an abuse of discretion for not complying with the Land Division Act of 1967, while the Courts’  decisions had the affect of aiding and abetting felons’ in the completion of their crime. The case was appealed to the Chief Judge, Margaret Z. Bakker, and under Caperton v Massey, my “extraordinary circumstance” linked to an abuse of discretion was the crime committed by Ganges Township conspiring with the developers to circumvent the Land Division Act of 1967.

Currently the Court is deciding if I should pay the defendants around $60,000 because my case was frivolous. Since I lost everything else, I filed a Request for the Court to Produce it’s Campaign Finance Reports under MCR 2.310(D).