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Judge Cronin’s 2008 Recount

The 2008 General Election in  Allegan County, Michigan resulted in a recount for the Circuit Court seat between Kevin Cronin and William Bailargeon. Mr. Cronin was favored by the Republicans, while Mr.  Bailargeon was favored by the Democrats. There were 49 precincts to be counted, and Mr. Bailargeon had the maximum of two counters per table where the ballots were being counted, while Mr. Cronin only had one volunteer, Jason Watts, the son of Joyce Watts, the county clerk, and he never counted one vote. When I requested from Mr. Cronin to be a volunteer and count for him, he refused saying that he had enough volunteers.

The Local Observer out of Saugatuck, Michigan ran an article County Judges Cite “Grave Concerns” About November Elections. Retired Judges Corsiglia and Beach had written an open letter to then Attorney General, Mike Cox stating:

“The Bureau of Elections held a hearing, and County Clerk Joyce Watts was rebuked not only for the ineffectual managing of the election, but also for not taking the concerns seriously and joking about needing to have a ‘duct tape party.’”

“The clerk’s son, Jason Watts, was the primary consultant to the Cronin campaign, and he was reported to have had special access to his mother’s office on election night.”

Judicial Corruption gives you documents that you can use to find out if your judge or justice is taking money for decisions. I give a complete background of the actions I have been taking, and the judges and justices are running away from it. See bottom of page for Supreme Court Filings for a Subpoena to the judges bank for their campaign finance bank statements. If greatly over $1,000, the judge has a problem.

Government Crimes shows how people in government can use all of the resources at their disposal to go after you including committing felonies against you without any retribution to them.

Elections gives you the facts that shows you the formula for governments theft of elections in our country. The Help America Vote Act (HAVA) passed in 2003 took the theft away from the election workers by putting out new tabulators that count the vote but are connected by modem to the County Clerk’s office. The clerks can then connect to the tabulators on election day and change the totals to anything they want it to be. HAVA only allows for an audit if there is a recount requested, like Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate did here in Michigan. The same clerks who had the ability to change the vote, now have control of the ballots to the day of the recount. A federal judge ruled against Dr. Stein, because there is no way they can change that many ballots before a recount.

Is Justice for Sale in Our Country?

Either the Michigan Supreme Court or the U.S. Supreme Court to Decide

By Pat Foster, Editor

The right to a fair trial based upon the facts by an impartial trier of facts is the very foundation of any legal system.

Michigan Election Law, MCL 169.235(2) allows all elected judges to opt out of filing their campaign finance reports. This provides the judges with a tax free account for large contributions that can sway decisions while they are on the bench. This law creates a possibility that you can have corruption within the legal system.

Your next logical question is that these campaign finance accounts are all public documents open to public inspection through the Freedom of Information Act known as FOIA. All public documents are specifically subject to a FOIA inspection unless they are specifically exempted under the act. MCL 15.243(1)(r) specifically states: “Records of a campaign committee are exempt under this act. Since the judges are the only persons exempt from filing campaign finance reports, the state legislators have specifically exempted them from public inspection through the Freedom of Information Act. This provides an almost impenetrable tax free account for judges to receive large contributions from parties that come before them including law firms. One huge loophole however.

These laws basically say that it is possible for a judge or justice to take money masked as campaign contributions for decisions. It is not out of the question or unthinkable, because two judges in Wilkes Barre, PA were found guilty in federal court of taking money to send kids to reform school for minor issues as detailed in Wikipedia under the Kids for Cash scandal. See video to the right. The rise in the US becoming the largest police state in the world coincided with the Michigan legislature passing laws allowing judges and justices to hide their campaign contributions.

Shortly after the Wilkes Barre case indicting two judges for making money off their decisions in 2008, the U.S. Supreme Court in Caperton v A.T. Massey Coal Company ruled that a West Virginia Supreme Court Justice, Brent Benjamin accepted over $3 million in campaign contributions by Don Blankenship, Massey’s chairman and chief executive officer who has been convicted to two weeks in the federal prison in Florida with an 18 hole golf course for safety violations that killed 19 miners. The attorneys for Caperton filed a Motion for Benjamin to disqualify himself that was denied by the West Virginia Supreme Court, and it was appealed to the US Supreme Court. The court then  ruled 5 to 4 in a split decision for Caperton with Justice Stevens crossing over and voting with the progressive wing of the court.

Armed with these facts, I set out to prove that it was more likely than not that these judges and justices were using their campaign finance accounts to sell their justice to the highest bidder. I had a civil suit against two men across the street from my house who blocked a storm drain and placed a fence out into a physical road both of which were placed there in the mid sixties by the developers. Storm water coming down a hill alongside the road was now diverted directly into my house. Everything possible was being done to injure my reputation as a professional certified public accountant because of my independent audit of the 2008 General Election.

I sued the men who blocked the storm drain and placed a fence out into the physical road with the 48th Judicial Circuit Court, and I was given Judge Cronin, the very person whose recount kindled my audit as the presiding judge. I filed a motion for change of venue, which the judge denied. Subsequently after finding major conflicting problems with the seals on the ballot containers, I again filed a motion for the judge to disqualify himself. He again denied my motion.

The back door to campaign finance reports:

March 11, 2016, I served Judge Cronin a Request to Produce his campaign finance statements under the Michigan Court Rules, MCR 2.310(D)(1) “A request to a nonparty may be served at any time...”  He had 14 days to produce those reports and copies of his bank statements. He was silent.

March 30, 2016, Defendants filed a Motion to Strike my request to produce. That strengthened my suspicion that defendants’ law firm made some illegal contributions to the Judge’s campaign finance account.

April 1, 2016, I served Judge Cronin a Motion to Compel him to show me his campaign finance statement and backed it up with a brief in support of the motion.

April 18, 2016, the Court issued a Sua Sponte Order, which is an order without a hearing. He denied my Motion to Compel, and he also had it stricken from the court record. That told me just what I wanted to know. Both the Court and the Defendants’ law firm were afraid of my request to see the court’s bank statements and campaign reports that tie into the deposits into his accounts.

I needed to force Judge Cronin into the same position again. The defendants had blocked the storm drain above my house, the court was allowing them to do that, and Ganges Township now issued building permits to build on Blue Goose Avenue making sure that the drain coming down to my house was completely open, and they allowed the drain on the opposite side of the street to be blocked so most of the coming down the hill ended up going directly into my house and my garage. This was done in violation of the rules and regulations set by the Allegan County Road Commission. I therefore filed a Petition for a Writ of Mandamus against the township to force them to comply the rules and regulations of the road commission. The assignment clerk assigned the case to Judge Cronin. I immediately served him a second Request to Produce his Campaign Finance Statements.


The photograph I took of Wayland Townships’ seal on their ballot container corroborated Judge Corsiglia’s suspicions. The end of the seal was cutoff and it was pulled up tight.

Mr. Cronin won that recount, became the new Circuit Court Judge for the 48th Judicial Circuit (Allegan County). I did the first independent audit on elections in the State of Michigan on his recounted election.

Two men purchased the house across the street from me four months after starting that audit. They testified that they stayed at the Douglas Dunes motel in December 2009, and purchase the house in January, 2010. Friends at the Dunes checked the reservations, and they only stayed there from January 5th to the 10th. They purchased the property sight unseen, and proceeded to flood me out of my property by daming a storm drain. I sued along with Ms Hudson. Judge Cronin was assigned to the case. He found against us and sanctioned us $44,000 because it was frivolous to sue them for flooding me out. I appealed to the Court of Appeals. My brief in support of my appeal gives a very different story.

Michigan Elections - proof of election fraud in Judge Cronin’s 2008 election recount.

Kids for Cash Documentary

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Legal filings to see the judges or justices campaign finance statements

The largest request I have been getting is information on the legal filings I have been doing regarding judges and justices campaign finance statements. Judicial Corruption has many of the filings. These filings show how I have Requests to Produce their campaign finance statements, and when they do not, I do a Motion to compel them, which are regularly being denied. Since the Freedom of Information Act will not allow you to see them, I am now using a Motion for a Subpoena.

Forms Filed Michigan Supreme Court

Motion for a Subpoena

Brief in Support of Motion for a Subpoena

Declined Subpoena by the Circuit Court used as reason for filing the motion. You usually go to the next court up the ladder. The appeals court charges $100 for a motion and the supreme court only charges $75.

I cannot give legal advice, but you can print these out and give them to your legal adviser. Good luck!