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Formula for Stealing Elections in Allegan County

Through the Chain of Corruption

Four Parties to a Fraud: 1. The person put on the original seal without

pulling it up tight. (The local clerks have this responsibility) 2. The person who had control of the ballot canisters prior to the recount. (Allegan County Clerk) 3. The reason they had a need to get into the canisters prior to the recount. (The official total did not agree with the ballots as voted in the canisters (The company that sold the county the tabulating machines that issued the official totals.) 4. The person who approved the Wayland Township seal for recount - Sue McRill, Michigan Bureau of Elections.

Picture 1 shows where Party 1 places the seal just partially on so that it can be cut and the ballot canister can be entered and the seal put on again.

Picture 2 shows the seal pulled up tight, but the end piece is missing, meaning that the County Clerk, Joyce Watts, or someone while she had control of the ballot canister had broken the seal and entered into the canister to change the votes on Wayland Township.

Official recount sheet shows far right column with a “1” in it as a precinct that could not be counted. The notes on the bottom show that 14 could not be counted for ballot differences, and 11 could not be counted for improper seals, yet the last township, Wayland (Picture 2) could be counted.

Sue McRill of the Bureau of Elections who disapproved 11 canister seals so that the precincts could not be counted, but approved Wayland Township’s in Picture 2 above.

Judge Cronin standing with his only volunteer, Jason Watts, Joyce Watts, the Allegan County Clerk’s son during the recount. Every table had at least two volunteers from the Bailargeon group sitting at each table.

Judge Cronin and Jason Watts to the left. When the recount was completed, and Keven Cronin was declared the winner, he publicly thanked the Watts Family for all their help. See Judge Cronin’s letter disputing Judge Bailargeon’s request that these uncounted precincts be counted.

The Fourth Party - Dominion Voting Systems out of Canada

    After the 2004 General Election, Allegan County purchased new election tabulating equipment from Diebold Election Systems. These machines were presented in an election conference in Columbus, Ohio from interested parties attempting to prove election fraud by our government. Bev Harris from Black Box Voting, a contributor to this conference did an HBO documentary showing just how easy it was to change the totals on these machines. The machines they replaced could not be hacked as well, so it involved using hired poll workers to steal the election.     

    Diebold Election Systems was a subsidiary of the Diebold Corporation with very close ties to the banking industry, so they changed the name of the subsidiary to Premier Voting Systems, Inc. with the hope of distancing themselves from the scandal. The State of California threw them out because the machines were so questionable. Premier Voting Systems, Inc. was purchased by a closely held Canadian Corporation, Dominion Voting Systems, Inc. that now counts the majority of votes in the United States. That means shareholders of Dominion Voting Systems, Inc. who are not publicly known control the outcomes of the majority of elections in our country.

Sue McRill from the Michigan Bureau of Elections who is conducting this recount for the State of Michigan is the one who accepted Wayland Township’s seal shown above in Picture #2, which was recounted while 73% of the precincts that would have gone for William Baillargeon could not be counted for incorrectly attached seals and to many ballots in the ballot container

Judge Kevin Cronin who won the recount is standing out in the middle of all the election workers who are recounting precincts with his only volunteer Neither one was checking the counts on any of the precincts. His only volunteer is Jason Watts, the son of Joyce Watts who had control of the ballot container in Picture #2 until the date of the recount.

Cindy Yonker’s, the Ganges Township Clerk, whose township was counted just like Wayland Township in Picture #2 at the Baillargeon/Cronin Recount.

 Below the picture is an audio of MS. Yonkers refusing to comply with Election Law MCL 168.733

(g) Examine without handling each ballot as it is being counted.

(h) Keep records of votes cast and other election procedures as the challenger desires.

150111_001 January 11, 2015 Conversation with Mr. Pleasant Sthephens of Chicago, Il on Voter Verifiable Elections the solution.MP3

Audio of Ms. Yonker’s on Election night of the 2008 General Electiondenying any access to the ballots by Election Challengers under MCL 168.733 (g) & (h).

There is a current appeal requesting Judge Cronin to disqualify himself from a civil suit involving MS. Yonkers by your editor in which there is compelling evidence that Cindy Yonker’s and Ganges Township committed felony fraud.

Link to Editor’s Appeal

Contact Information: Pat Foster Editor, Telephone 269-561-5268, Fax 888-445-2120,

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